NCGA says there is good and bad news in EPA’s proposed RVOs


NCGA says there is good and bad news in EPA’s proposed RVOs

The president of the National Corn Growers Association says EPA’s proposed biofuel blending volumes are a mixed bag for farmers.

Chris Edgington tells Brownfield “there are positive numbers when we look at 2022—15 billion gallons is where it’s supposed to be. It’s also positive when they remove the waivers and say there are not going to be any waivers. Those are two real strong positives.”

The Iowa farmer says the reduction of 2020 volumes is less positive.

“EPA went back and they opened 2020 (numbers) and they came in with a number for 2021 that is lower than we hoped for,” he says.

EPA’s proposal includes a total renewable fuel volume of 18.52 for 2021, and a 2.96-billion-gallon reduction from the previous final 2020 volume requirement.

Overall, Edgington says NCGA is pleased the numbers were finally released.

“We’ve actually got numbers we can work with, and we can do some planning and move forward,” he says. “…We’re hoping we can build upon this and continue to move the ethanol industry forward.”

He says the proposed volumes for 2022 help provide certainty for corn growers.  

Audio: Chris Edgington