Pork producers continue to share their story


Pork producers continue to share their story

The director of communications with Indiana Pork says pork producers must continue to tell their story.

Jeanette Merritt tells Brownfield “the activists and those who are against us are definitely trying to paint us in a light of what they think we’re doing wrong in the industry. We need farmers to stand up and talk about why they’re involved in agriculture, what they’re doing in their barns, how we have upmost high animal husbandry practices, and why we are good stewards of the land.”

Producers attending the Midwest Pork Conference were encouraged to share why they’re involved in the industry. 

“We are working with our producers to get them to tell their stories and we’re going to take that information and put some great stories together for the upcoming year and really just educate the consumer on why pig farming is important,” she says.

Brownfield interviewed Merritt during the recent Midwest Pork Conferernece in Lebanon, Indiana.