Farmer hasn’t been able to plant since April


Farmer hasn’t been able to plant since April

Central Ohio farmer John Linder says after nearly ideal conditions in early April, he hasn’t been able to plant in May.

“There’s certainty a little stress to be at the end of the second week of May and have only twenty percent of your crops in for both corn and soybeans,” he says. “We like to have corn wrapped up by May 25, so we need a stretch of dry days to reach our goals for corn planting and we can extend soybean planting a little.”

He tells Brownfield the corn that is planted is getting ready to emerge.

“I don’t know if we have 100 degree units yet,” he says. “We like to see that come much quicker and get out of the ground much faster, but we’re thankful to have that crop in the ground and are looking for that opportunity for the forecast to lend a window.”

Linder, president of the National Corn Growers Association, says this is the third year in a row without a proper planting window in early May.