Indiana corn crop ahead of normal


Indiana corn crop ahead of normal

Corn crop development has been slightly ahead of normal in Indiana, according to Purdue Extension Agronomist Bob Nielsen.

“The progress of the grain fill period is slightly ahead of normal with more than 50 percent of the crop already at the dough stage,” he says. “Those warm weeks we had in July following pollination really sped up the crop development.” 

He says most of the corn crop will likely mature during the second week of September.

Compared to last year, the crop matured in late September and early October.

“I think this year’s crop will easily be maturing two weeks or three weeks ahead of that which is always good news because that gives it a chance to still get some good field drying conditions,” he says.

He says the crop needs moderate temperatures, timely rains, and sunny conditions in the next two months.

Nielsen made these comments during a virtual Purdue panel this week.