COVID-19 projected to rob $89/acre from 2020 corn crop


COVID-19 projected to rob $89/acre from 2020 corn crop

An analysis from the National Corn Growers Association predicts a significant revenue loss for corn growers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Linder chairs the association’s COVID-19 task force. He tells Brownfield the analysis projects a $59 per acre average revenue decline for the 2019 crop and an $89 per acre decline for the 2020 crop compared to pre-pandemic projections.

“Obviously, livestock markets are having their share of problems as well as the ethanol industry and their co-products. So, our two major markets are experiencing devastating impacts that are carrying all the way out to the farm gate.”

If those numbers play out, the 2020 crop year revenue would be the lowest since 2006 and Linder says the impacts will likely continue into 2021 and beyond.

“We are reaching out the congress, sharing with them numbers, and letting them know that this isn’t over. It is going to have a long tail and we need to be part of the conversation.”

The analysis was conducted by Dr. Gary Schnitkey with the University of Illinois to help NCGA create recovery solutions for corn farmers.

Interview with John Linder

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