MO crop progress slows


MO crop progress slows

Missouri’s crop progress slowed last week.

USDA says nearly 90 percent of the state’s corn has emerged, slightly behind the usual rate.
Seventy-one percent of Missouri’s soybean crop is planted, five percent behind average. More than half the crop has emerged, nearly steady with the average.

Missouri cotton squaring is progressing slowly at four percent.

Rice emergence is 95 percent complete, slightly ahead of average.

Missouri’s winter wheat harvest is behind out of the gate with 92 percent of the crop rated mostly fair or better, slightly down from last week.

Pasture conditions in the state improved from last week and are nearly all fair or better; 70 percent rated good, and 12 percent rated excellent. Ground conditions were slightly dryer than last week; topsoil moisture is 72 percent adequate and 24 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture is 86 percent adequate and 11 percent surplus.