Rains slow Tennessee farmers


Rains slow Tennessee farmers

Rains kept most Tennessee farmers out of the fields this past week.   

Statewide, corn is 99% planted, 97% emerged, and 79% rated good to excellent. Two percent of the crop is silking.  Soybeans are 81% planted with 70% emerged, and 76% rated good to excellent.  Cotton is 97% planted, 14% squaring, and 52% rated good to excellent.

Wheat conditions improved, with 74% of the crop rated good to excellent with 97% coloring, 50% mature, and 7% harvested.

Pastures are rated 64% good to excellent.  The first cutting of hay is 72% complete.  In previous weeks, some farmers have reported diminished yields and quality due to the combination of hot and dry conditions and the price of fertilizer making applications cost-prohibitive. 

Topsoil moisture is 91% and subsoil moisture is 90% adequate to surplus.