Farmer testing new practice to boost yields


Farmer testing new practice to boost yields

A Midwestern farmer is trying something new this growing season to capitalize on strong crop markets.

“You can’t save your way to prosperity but you can spend your way broke,” said western Missouri corn and soybean grower Cody Brock.

Brock tells Brownfield there’s a lot of money in fields right now which pushed him to use starter fertilizer while planting corn.

“Just trying to see a way if we can get that corn out of the ground faster and get it off to a better start,” he said. “Because, we know the potential is there. If we can utilize it the most, we’ll see if that helps the bottom line at the end of the year.”

And with high inputs costs, Brock said he’s focused on making every pass across the field count.

“We all know the price of fuel and how much extra it cost this year to make that one pass across the field,” he said.

Brock said the high market volatility makes it tough to decide between holding available grain for a larger profit and locking in a good price now.

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