Farmers face uncertain times


Farmers face uncertain times

Farmers are in uncertain times as input costs soar and commodity prices chase record highs. 

Noah Hultgren grows corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, kidney beans, alfalfa, and canning crops near Raymond in west-central Minnesota and suggests the current market is not sustainable.

“I’m sure I’m speaking for a lot of farmers (by saying) we’re just all cautiously nervous on everything right now.”

He tells Brownfield it’s not just the price of inputs that has him concerned.

“Some of the supplies of those products have been questionable. And that really gets us thinking in the next few years, where are things going to go?”

And Hultgren doesn’t expect the supply chain to smooth out anytime soon.

“In my farming career, there has never been this kind of uncertainty. It’s not easy, but we’ve proven over many years the American farmer will continue to strive.”