Budget top of mind during Lansing Legislative Seminar


Budget top of mind during Lansing Legislative Seminar

Michigan Farm Bureau members are voicing how increased funding will help the state’s agricultural industry in the long term.

Government relations manager Rob Anderson tells Brownfield additional federal dollars will have a meaningful impact on one-time investments in the next fiscal year.

“Agriculture is a major economic driver in the state, and we think that it’s important that our members and legislators think collectively about how we can set agriculture on a path toward long-term success,” he says.

Anderson says today’s Lansing Legislative Seminar allows farmers the opportunity to directly share how policy affects their business.

“We’ve had disruptions in a variety of places, our members continue to face shortages in the workforce—it’s a big conversation—there’s no silver bullet,” he says.

The organization is also highlighting supply chain issues and necessary services the state provides that need to remain supported as the governor has made investments in agriculture and rural communities a priority.