NAMI praises court for halting Prop 12 enforcement


NAMI praises court for halting Prop 12 enforcement

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) is praising a judge’s ruling in California to halt enforcement of that state’s Proposition 12.

The judge has delayed enforcement until 180 days after the final rules go into effect.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has waited more than two years to finalize what the Meat Institute calls “complicated and costly regulations” for pork producers.

The Meat Institute and its members had urged the state of California to delay the implementation because of the risk of criminal sanctions and civil litigation if pork producers didn’t comply with the hog housing changes.

Julie Anna Potts, NAMI President and CEO, says to enforce the law without final regulations would have left the industry unsure how to comply or what significant changes would have to be made to provide pork to the critical California market.