Farmer says farm bill, redistricting are top concerns


Farmer says farm bill, redistricting are top concerns

A central Illinois farmer says the midterm elections could impact the 2023 Farm Bill process.

Rob Shaffer raises soybeans, corn, and Angus cattle.

“Farm Bill hearings are starting already, but it’s hard to start talking Farm Bill and who’s going to write it when you don’t know who’s going to be in control of the House and Senate come January 2023,” he says. “But, we are starting that process already and we have some really good champions in both the House and Senate that are great to work with.”  

He says the redistricting of congressional boundaries is also top of mind this year.

“In general too, but in Illinois we just finally got the last map. The good news is they pushed the primary in Illinois back. They’re putting tow current House members against each other – Congresswoman Mary Miller and Congressman Rodney Davis. “They’re both on the House Ag Committee to boot. One of them is going to hurt because we’re going to lose one for sure.”

Brownfield interviewed Shaffer during the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo.