Bayer invites outside researchers in Testing4Ag program


Bayer invites outside researchers in Testing4Ag program

Bayer has had several researchers begin the process of its new Testing4Ag program to submit novel crop protection compounds. Phil Taylor, Bayer’s open innovation lead for research and development, tells Brownfield Ag News, “Even though we’ve got the largest R&D pipeline in the industry with about a $2-Billion a year spend, we don’t know everything. We don’t have all the answers and so we wanted to engage the global external community and bringing their best ideas forward.”

Testing4Ag is a partnership with Halo that he says will help scientists learn more about their own compounds through testing and transparent results.

The submitted compounds will be assessed confidentially through state-of-the-art biological testing, “We have very active research taking place for herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, thinking about the indications: weed control, pest control, disease control and this program covers all three of those.”

Taylor says test results will be shared directly with participants who can continue their research and who will retain all rights to the potential intellectual property generated through the program.

Taylor says this continues Bayer’s focus on collaborations to develop new crop protection products. Submissions from researchers, universities and small startups must be made by March 31st (2022).

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