Minnesota farmers frustrated by rising fertilizer prices


Minnesota farmers frustrated by rising fertilizer prices

Minnesota farmers attending the MN Ag Expo in Mankato say they are frustrated by the rising price of fertilizer.

South-central Minnesota farmer Harold Wolle says to be successful, he can’t afford to cut back too much on inputs like crop nutrients.

“I’m really upset with the high prices.”

Chad Willis farms in west-central Minnesota.

“I was fortunate and got my fertilizer bought this fall before things really skyrocketed, so I’m pretty well locked in on my inputs. But every day I keep an eye on the markets.”

Southeast Minnesota corn and soybean grower Les Anderson tells Brownfield he’s already paid for most of his fertilizer.

“But still, you always wonder about actually getting it, actually taking delivery.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says the state has adjusted hours of shipping to try and alleviate some supply chain bottlenecks.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of the (ag input suppliers like) CHS and all them, (asking) ‘what can we be doing?’ And I think a state has some leverage, but it’s pretty limited.”

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