Inflation quickly rising to a top concern among Farm Bureau leaders


Inflation quickly rising to a top concern among Farm Bureau leaders

Inflation has quickly become a top concern among farm bureau leaders. 

Kansas Farm Bureau president Rich Felts calls the rapid rise in fertilizer prices astonishing.

“That’s not inflation, that’s super inflation.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the American Farm Bureau Convention in Atlanta Sunday, Iowa Farm Bureau president Brent Johnson says the price of anhydrous in his area has gone up 300 percent in the past year.

“It’s certainly in a pain point, and that’s just one of the aspects.”

Nebraska Farm Bureau president Mark McHargue worries inflation could stunt equipment sales.

“Those farmers that maybe have some money to spend on machinery, maybe they can’t get that. Or maybe the sticker shock is a little too high.”

Missouri Farm Bureau president Garrett Hawkins says most farmers are okay for now.

“We’re okay in the sense that everything is eating into the bottom line and our margin continues to narrow.”

Minnesota Farm Bureau president Dan Glessing suggests there’s no silver bullet fix.

“But we’ll keep working on it and see if we can’t get something resolved.”

And American Farm Bureau chief economist Roger Cryan says a lot depends on whether the Federal Reserve can bring inflation under control.

“That should reassure lenders that they don’t have to jack up interest rates to meet inflation.”

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