Farm Bureau seeks faster response when disasters strike


Farm Bureau seeks faster response when disasters strike

American Farm Bureau wants the federal government to better respond to disasters farmers and ranchers encounter.

AFBF chief economist Roger Cryan says a working group is discussing ways to make disaster payments more timely.

“So that people who are really suffering can get the help they need in the short run instead of having to wait for enactment of legislation and writing of regulations and administrative delays.”

He tells Brownfield payments can take two to three years to arrive.

“It is really counterproductive in some ways to make the disaster payments delayed so long that the folks are either back on their feet or they’re out of business anyway. So it may help them after the fact, but it doesn’t really do that much to support agriculture.”

He says improving the effectiveness of disaster assistance programs will help ensure a more stable farm economy and secure domestic food supply.

Brownfield interviewed Cryan Saturday during the American Farm Bureau annual convention in Atlanta.