October poultry production 1% less than last year


October poultry production 1% less than last year

The USDA says poultry production during October was 4.366 billion pounds, down 1% on the year. Most of that was chicken at 3.869 billion pounds, also down 1%, with turkey at 485.384 million pounds, a decline of 7%. For the year to date, poultry production is 42.763 billion pounds, slightly behind the 2020 pace, with cumulative chicken production modestly lower and turkey production down 3%.

October’s chicken and turkey slaughters were both below year ago levels at 780.213 million and 20.056 million head, respectively.

The total live weight for all poultry was 2% lower than last year. The average live weight of all chickens was 1% heavier, while the average for turkeys was 2% lighter.

This year to year decrease in production will likely mean a tighter ready to eat poultry supply in the coming months.

Earlier this week, the USDA reported poultry in cold storage at the end of October was down 18% on the year, including losses of 17% for chicken and 19% for turkeys.