Emmer concerned farmers will be targeted under expanded IRS


Emmer concerned farmers will be targeted under expanded IRS

A Republican Congressman sees farmers in the crosshairs if proposed changes to the Internal Revenue Service occur through the Build Back Better Act.

Tom Emmer of Minnesota tells Brownfield President Biden’s plan would expand IRS reporting requirements and target every worker that doesn’t report their income on a W-2.

“It’s just not the right answer to try and go to our ag community and small businesses across this country and coming out of a pandemic with prices rising and their purchasing power getting eroded say to them that we need to collect more taxes from you to pay for this stuff.”

The White House said earlier this month the framework would restore the enforcement capabilities of a “gutted” IRS and ask the highest income Americans to pay their fair share.

But Emmer argues it’s not the millionaires and billionaires who are going to be affected.

“This is going to hit our ag communities, our farm families, it’s going to hit main street mom and pop businesses. Which quite frankly, the Democrats think that they’re the ones in the cash economy that are not paying their fair share in taxes (and) I disagree.”

The House passed the Build Back Better Act last week and it did not include the expanded IRS reporting requirements.  But the provision could find its way back with the Senate taking up the legislation.