Minnesota farmer says marketing “is as challenging as ever”


Minnesota farmer says marketing “is as challenging as ever”

Farmers are guarding against greed with commodity prices at multi-year highs.

Matt Widboom grows corn and soybeans in southwest Minnesota and tells Brownfield marketing is as challenging as ever.

“To be satisfied with the profits, and I think that is so often what may blind us as farmers (who) are hoping to hit that homerun. And using the hope attitude to marketing is not certainly a profitable one necessarily.”

The Worthington farmer says it’s hard to know how aggressively he should be selling based on what’s happened since last fall.

“Locking in prices at the time looked to be great, and then several dollars later that kind of money was left on the table. And from my perspective, maybe adjust a bit the aggressiveness of selling during the growing season.”

Widboom says with expectations of a harvest low, there are profits to be had with $5 corn and $12 soybeans.