Star of the West enhances sustainability projects with Truterra


Star of the West enhances sustainability projects with Truterra

A new partnership for Star of the West in Michigan will allow farmers to simulate sustainability practices to find the best fit for their environment and bottom line.

Sustainability Director Lisa Woodke, tells Brownfield by joining the Truterra network, farmers will be able to gain insights on how different practices will affect the environment and profitability on a field-by-field basis.

“We’re able to create a stewardship baseline for each and every field and then we can actually change the conservation practices, whatever it might be that the grower is interested in trying,” she explains.

Woodke says once farmers are in the program, they’ll also be able to benefit from carbon and ecosystem markets and additional premiums at first with wheat.

“We look forward to including other crops and other customers,” she says.

Woodke says an ongoing partnership with The Nature Conservancy will be the first to benefit as it helps farmers track conservation measures encouraged in the program.

With sustainability requests from food customers increasing every year, Woodke says the Truterra network will create baseline data and better communicate progress farmers are making as climate goals become more pronounced.

Star of the West also has locations in Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, and New York and is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.