Missouri grower says harvest will be late


Missouri grower says harvest will be late

Too much moisture in the spring and late planting mean a late harvest this fall for a central Missouri grower.

Jay Schutte, who farms near Mexico, Missouri, tells Brownfield they didn’t finish planting corn until June sixth.

“Corn did not tassel, some of it, well into August. Thankfully, we avoided a lot of the heat during the key pollination stage but during that grain fill stage, boy it turned hot. We have not had a whole lot of rain.”

He says his crops look better than he expected and that’s because of an abundance of moisture this spring.

As for harvest, Schutte says they’ll start chopping silage next week which they’re normally finished with by now.

“You know, it’s just going to be a late harvest. It’s not going to be as good as previous years but it’s not going to be terrible, though, either.”

Schutte says his soybeans are a little bit late in development but look pretty good.

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