Arkansas farmer says soybeans need a rain and time


Arkansas farmer says soybeans need a rain and time

“Send us a rain.”

An Arkansas farmer says their soybeans are in desperate need of rain.

Robert Stobaugh says it’s been too long since they’ve measurable precipitation.  “Anything over an inch it has probably been about 36, 37 days,” he says.  “We had a couple of ¼ inch rains, and this week we receive 0.18” of rain.  There’s just not a lot to talk about in the last 30 days as far as a good wetting-rain.” He says there is a 50% chance of rain in the forecast this week. 

Stobaugh raises corn, grain sorghum, rice, and soybeans in the Arkansas River valley.

He tells Brownfield corn and grain sorghum harvest are just around the corner.  “Grain sorghum is turning really, really well,” he says.  “It’s probably 80% brown now.  The corn, we terminated irrigation, and we’re at black layer, maybe a little past, and we’re about two to three weeks out.”

As for his soybeans, Stobaugh says the wet May delayed soybean planting and the crop still has a long way to go before it hits maturity. 

AUDIO: Robert Stobaugh, Arkansas farmer