Rain welcomed by Wisconsin farmer


Rain welcomed by Wisconsin farmer

A southeastern Wisconsin farmer says recent rains have helped crops recover from a long dry spell.  Brody Stapel says, “They say rain in August makes beans and corn, so I think we’re going to be okay.”

Stapel tells Brownfield Sheboygan County has seen weather extremes this summer. “So we’re spread out over the entire county. My dad is on the northern part of the county and he’s gotten ample rain all year. In the southern end of the county here, we’ve got a lot of misses.”

Stapel operates a dairy farm and grows around 250 acres of soybeans and 400 acres of corn near Cedar Grove.  He says the farm received a bit of hail during storm this past week, but there was no major damage.

Many Wisconsin farms south of Stapel went more than eight weeks without measurable rainfall early this summer.

Brody Stapel is also the President of Edge Dairy Farmers Cooperative.