Illinois crops all rated above 70% good to excellent


Illinois crops all rated above 70% good to excellent

Illinois crops received another set of good ratings from the USDA this past week, but all were slightly lower than the previous week.

As of Sunday, USDA rates Illinois corn 74% good to excellent down 6 percentage points on the week. Soybeans are rated 73% good to excellent down 4 points and wheat is rated 76% down 11 points on the week. All ratings are better than this time last year.

Corn progressed to 93% emerged, 11 points ahead of the five year average. Soybean planting is 93% complete with 84% of the crop emerged compared to just 61% on average. And 96% of winter wheat has headed.  

Illinois Farm Bureau President Rich Guebert tells Brownfield about current crop conditions from his farm in Randolph County.

“The corn and beans that have bee planted look really good. We have some corn down here that is over knee high. We’ve got beans that are probably 6 inches tall in some places. The wheat is starting to turn and my neighbor cut his barley Sunday afternoon, so things are moving right along.”

Soil moisture levels are decreasing with less than 10% rated surplus, but the majority is still considered adequate. Northern Illinois is experiencing drought conditions with the northeast corner of the state in severe drought according to the US drought monitor.