U.S. pork exports to Vietnam up nearly 400%


U.S. pork exports to Vietnam up nearly 400%

U.S. pork exports to Vietnam are up nearly 400 percent in the last year.

Minnesota Pork CEO David Preisler says there are two major reasons for the jump.

“That’s really a direct result of Vietnam having African swine fever, and also some flooding issues that they had up in the country.”

He tells Brownfield pork is a staple of the Vietnamese diet and the U.S., Brazil, and Russia are competing for market share.

“We would look forward into the future to have a free trade agreement with them, and hopefully this is a good setup to make something like that work in the future.”

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers asked the Biden administration earlier this month to seek the elimination of Vietnamese tariffs on U.S. pork and address other restrictions as well.