Iowa ag secretary pleased with results of legislative session


Iowa ag secretary pleased with results of legislative session

Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig says policies that are good for the state broadly are good for Iowa farmers too.

He tells Brownfield there was a significant investment in education during the recently completed legislative session.

“And we also made a significant improvement in Iowa’s business climate. And again, places where businesses and families can thrive and grow are good for agriculture. And the tax package this year, addressing mental health, and lowering income taxes (also help).”

Specific to agriculture, Naig says he had a couple priorities going into the session.

“One was to keep us moving forward on a long-term dedicated funding source for water quality and soil health, and we were able to achieve that (with) an extension of the current funding formula adds another $320 million and extends out through 2039. So again, it’s a sign of the state’s ongoing commitment to this important work.”

Naig says he also wanted Iowa to improve foreign animal disease prevention and response capabilities and legislators came through by providing additional money.