NAWG plans for repeat year of leadership


NAWG plans for repeat year of leadership

Farmer leaders of the National Association of Wheat Growers are taking a mulligan on their year of service and will serve in their current positions until 2022.

Dave Milligan of Michigan will serve an additional year as president.

“Because of the pandemic, the lack of travel, and the limited things we could do, the officers are going to repeat for another year.”

Members met last week for their annual meeting ahead of Commodity Classic which Milligan tells Brownfield brought a renewed focus on climate and trade policies.

“We’ve measured wheat for years, even centuries,” he says.  “We know how to weigh it, how to grade it, how to market it, and now we’re talking about a new product, carbon.  How to you measure it, how to you quantify what it is, how do you measure the difference, how do you pay for it and how to you make sure you get paid?”

Other leaders on the board include Nicole Berg of Washington, Brent Cheyne of Oregon, Keeff Felty of Oklahoma, and Ben Scholz of Texas.