Backlog of hogs to be processed mostly depleted


Backlog of hogs to be processed mostly depleted

An ag economist says pork processing has mostly returned to normal helping add stability into the market.

Steve Meyer with Partners for Production Agriculture tells Brownfield processors were able to cut into the backlog of hogs with increased processing numbers for the past several months.

“The first full week of this year, we ran a big Saturday and set a record for weekly slaughter, that’s the highest number we’ve ever slaughtered in the United States,” he said.

Meyer said packing workers need to be kept safe…

“But we also need to make sure that we have room to push the number of hogs that we have out here through the plants, and we can’t change that number of hogs very well in the next six to eight months,” Meyer said. “I hope the Biden administration takes a balanced approach as they approach it.”

Meyer said the only state not at least 95 percent caught up with the backlog of hogs, North Carolina, will likely be by the end of March.