Michigan, Maine, Finland announce bioeconomy partnership


Michigan, Maine, Finland announce bioeconomy partnership

The states of Michigan and Maine are partnering with Finland to grow a forest-based bioeconomy.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the partnership builds off the Memorandum of Understanding Michigan signed with Finland in March.

“Today Michigan is excited to work alongside Finland to identify sustainable growth opportunities in the automotive, maritime, and sustainable forest bioeconomy industries.”

Michigan Natural Resources Deputy Shannon Lott says working groups will help to identify joint projects and innovation to help address issues including a lack of significant outlets for residues and recycling of forest products and a lack of policy and long-term planning for biofuels.

“There’s a need to harness the knowledge Finland has on how to get companies to invest in their future in a green, sustainable manner.”

Leaders expect the working groups to lead to new investments, job creation, and innovations while mitigating climate change.