Wisconsin soybean researcher says crop looks good


Wisconsin soybean researcher says crop looks good

The Wisconsin soybean program’s lead researcher says the state’s soybean crop is looking good.

Shawn Conley with the University of Wisconsin says, “The crop was moving along pretty quickly, and then it kind of sat there for ten days, and now once this week and some of the heat that we see coming across, it’s going to move pretty quick, and I think at this point, I don’t see any quality concerns whatsoever.”

Conley tells Brownfield they harvested some early beans, and yields were above trend, but he says like many farmers, the weather has caused some harvesting issues. “Last week’s wet weather I think kept a lot of us out of the field, so we’ll hopefully be able to get in about midweek and, as typical, we’ll get a call from all of our grower cooperators saying we need to be there today, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Conley says several farmers will be cutting beans and immediately following to plant winter wheat or cover crops to take advantage of what growing degree units are left this fall.