Farmers consider increasing propane storage


Farmers consider increasing propane storage

High propane demand in 2019 has sparked consideration of more on-farm propane storage.

Dan Pannier is the Propane Operations Manager for GROWMARK based in Illinois. He tells Brownfield they have pushed farmers to try and size their propane storage more appropriately to their dryer capacity.

“Sometimes that can be a little bit hard to justify because it is once in four or five years that you need that kind of storage to manage your crop drying needs but yes I do think there were a lot who increased their on farm storage.”

He says that does not mean those farmers won’t need more propane, but it gets them further into the season.

“If they fill that tank in the summer months which in propane is April through September, that will help them earn a little more allocation as we get into October and November.”

Pannier says the challenge last fall was that the propane supplies were there, but there were logistical and transportation constraints, so having propane on the farm going into harvest can eliminate that issue. 

Pannier expects drying demand to be closer to average this year adding that supplies are adequate heading into harvest.