Hurricane Laura could break a dry spell


Hurricane Laura could break a dry spell

An ag meteorologist says remnants of Hurricane Laura could be the best chance for rain in recent weeks for parts of the Midwest.

“Laura looks like it will tease us and make it up to the Ohio River and then take a sharp eastward turn.”

State climatologist for Michigan Jeff Andresen says many parts of the Midwest have been dry for at least two weeks and drought conditions are spreading.

If Laura doesn’t bring rain northward, Andresen says it will help break air masses and push through a cold front that should increase chances for rain.

“While we’ve been so warm and relatively dry, we will be going a little bit towards the opposite direction here for that first week in September towards cooler and wetter than normal conditions.”

He says there could be about a week break with cooler temperature before they again turn warmer than normal again later in September.

Andresen made his comments during a recent MSU Extension fruit team update Tuesday.