Wisconsin crops benefited from last week’s heat


Wisconsin crops benefited from last week’s heat

The USDA says adequate soil moisture and heat last week made it ideal for crop growth.  Almost six days were suitable for fieldwork last week.  USDA reporters say corn and soybeans rapidly added extra height and some corn tassels were starting to pop.

About 2% of corn was silking prior to Sunday, with 70% of the crop rated good to excellent.  Soybeans had 40% of the crop blooming, which is 11 days ahead of average and 20 days ahead of last year.

About 85% of oats are heading and 20% are coloring.    Winter wheat is 96% headed with 65% turning color.  Ninety-three percent of the state’s potatoes are in good to excellent condition, down slightly from a week ago.

The second cutting of alfalfa hay is underway, but some regions are further ahead than others.  The South-Central area is 56% finished, while much of the northern part of Wisconsin is less than 30% cut.  All hay is in better condition this week, with 75% in good to excellent condition.

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