NCBA responds to climate report


NCBA responds to climate report

The vice president of government affairs with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says a report released by the House Select Committee on Climate Crisis is the product of partisan discussions.  

Ethan Lane says the report fell into old narratives about protection of land and protection of wildlife instead of active management in conservation.

“When you’re talking about a topic that’s as contentious as climate change, you want to make sure there’s a real balanced, bipartisan panel looking into it because if you don’t, you end up with this old battle lines being drawn and you don’t get anywhere,” he says.

Lane tells Brownfield there are some good programs in the nearly 600-page report, but NCBA wants to ensure that congressional leaders understand the role producers have in cattle’s positive climate impact.

“We are a real success story in the conservation arena when you look at our greenhouse gas emissions footprint of two percent here in the United States compared to anyone else in the world, were the model for livestock production,” he says.

He says NCBA will continue working to ensure all segments of the beef supply chain are recognized for their contributions.

Audio: Ethan Lane

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