Corn grower concerned about fall crop storage


Corn grower concerned about fall crop storage

The President of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association says producers are glad to see corn prices rise after USDA’s acreage report, but many are wondering if there will be a place to put the 2020 crop.

Doug Rebout raises corn, soybeans, and hay near Janesville, just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. He says, “Farmers may be able to empty their bins now, but if it’s just sitting at the grain elevators because they’re not moving it and they’re not going to have as much storage, are we going to be able to get all of our crops out in time because, you know, is there going to be room for it to go?”

Rebout tells Brownfield with USDA showing a lot of old crop corn in storage, and with less ethanol demand because of COVID-19, the 2020 crop might have higher yields with fewer places to store it. 

Rebout says despite the lower corn grind for ethanol, some corn is being sold. “The elevators I’ve talked to down in this area are moving it. I’m not sure where they’re moving it to, but they have found places to move it.”

Rebout says his 2020 corn is shoulder-high and looking great.  He says a lot of farmers would benefit from having both improved prices and a great crop to help pay some bills after a few tough years.

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