Land values remain largely stable to slightly stronger


Land values remain largely stable to slightly stronger

The senior vice president of real estate operations for Farmers National Company says current land values for quality cropland are stable.

Randy Dickhut tells Brownfield even with less demand, land values are being supported.

“There’s less land for sale on the market,” he says. “Secondly, low interest rates. And third, there’s enough demand to take up what is sold in good quality.”

Dickhut says it is too soon to predict what land values will do moving forward but says values will become more established as farmers get closer to harvest.

“How much (land) comes on for sale, government support and then finally, you know, what kind of crop year and crop season,” Dickhut says.  

He says a boost in commodity prices will help but a continued lag will put stress on the market.

Randy Dickhut Interview

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