Chinn: Food supply and farmers focused amid crisis


Chinn: Food supply and farmers focused amid crisis

Missouri’s Agriculture Director says steps are being taken to keep the food supply chain going.

Chris Chinn says the supply chain is trying to catch up with demand, “I think we’re on the right track to get that done now with extending the transportation weight limits and the hours of service and so we’re really hopeful that that’s going to help.”

ChinnCovid1    :10   “to help.”

Weight limits have been increased and hours of service extended in Missouri.

Chinn says the department of Health and Human Services has deemed agriculture and the food supply chain as critical infrastructure workforce…

“That means that we’re going to be able to continue to get those farmers and ranchers and their suppliers to work every single day so we can continue to keep a lot of food on the grocery store shelves.”

Chinn says farmers and other ag workers are urged to follow good hygiene guidelines form the CDC and social distancing.  Chinn says farmers cannot telecommute and will be doing all they can to keep providing food.

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