TanTara Transportation launches GoFundMe for those affected by flooding in Northwest Iowa

TanTara will be collecting donations for the flooding disaster that happened in the Northwestern parts of Iowa. After hosting an item drive, TanTara will determine what supplies are still needed for the relief effort and use the money collected from this fundraiser to provide aid and supplies to the communities in Northwestern parts of Iowa.

On Saturday, June 22, 2024, rapid flooding in Spencer, Iowa, caused a near-total shutdown of city services as residents deal with a disaster rarely seen in the area. Twenty-one counties in the state of Iowa are under a disaster declaration. More than a dozen rivers flooded in the northwest part of the state. By Sunday night Disaster declarations covered 25 Iowa counties in Iowa.

Spencer, a city of more than 11,000, was cut off from the rest of the state by floodwater overnight as hundreds were evacuated to two city shelters. The City of Spencer and Veolia Water had to shut off power to the wastewater treatment plant, meaning there will be no sewer operations in the community until further notice.

In an effort to provide some relief to the community that has suffered from the flooding, TanTara Transportation Corp. based out of Muscatine, IA is hosting a donation for the folks that have endured this unfortunate event.

Here at TanTara, we’re proud to be a fleet trucking company from Iowa and know you’ll appreciate our Midwestern hospitality. Having both Customers and drivers in Northwest Iowa, TanTara has stepped forward to help with some of the stress that has come from this disaster. Honesty and integrity are what our company is founded on, and those core values have solidified our reputation.

We will be collecting items for the flooded areas of Iowa at specific locations in Muscatine, IA and Dubuque, IA. If you are not able to donate at these locations, Contributions can be made through this link. We will be using the funds from this Gofundme to purchase the necessary supplies needed after donated items have been distributed.

To make a donation via GoFundMe, click here to be redirected.