Relief effort started for NW Iowa flood victims

TanTara Transportation Corp. is putting together a relief effort for the Northwest Iowa Flood victims. The following is from the TanTara Transportation Corp. Facebook page.

“By now most of you have seen images of the floods that have devastated our fellow Iowans in the North Western part of our state. After seeing it with our own eyes this week, many people have completely LOST THEIR HOMES and it is clear that they need our help!


We will be filling a semi-trailer with donated supplies to be delivered to these affected areas. Currently our only drop off locations are Ed Morse and TanTara – we are hoping to park a truck/trailer in the Menards parking lot also, but as of now we are patiently waiting for approval from Menards Corporate.

We are working with the City Council and Chamber of Commerce in Spencer, IA, and we will continue to update our supply list with the items they are requesting.

We have also set up this go fund me which will be used to buy needed supplies.”

Needed supplies include bleach, sanitizer, empty coolers, sun screen, storage bags, pet supplies, industrial fans, disinfectant, storage containers, toiletries, simply soother, laundry baskets, tools, rubber gloves, towels, paper towels, utility knives, bug spray, large garbage bags, household tool kits, and rubber boots. Please bring unused products to the drop off location(s) as used items will not be accepted.