Opportunities for U.S. corn in SE Asia

Opportunities for U.S. corn in SE Asia

An Illinois farmer says a recent trade mission to southeast Asia highlighted export opportunities for U.S. corn.

Dan Meyer, who farms in east-central Illinois, tells Brownfield Vietnam’s aquaponics industry is a prime example…

“The biggest thing is fish farms and shrimp and the focus on that.”  He says, “The opportunity to be able to export corn and or DDGS to help feed their fish and shrimp and everything.”

He says research into distiller’s dried grains (DDGS) as a fish food additive is also promising…

They kind of did a blind taste test with shrimp, and they found that the shrimp were actually attracted to the DDGS.”  He says, “That could really open up a, you know, a big trade.”

Meyer says there are export opportunities for U.S.