It Takes A Village launches “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions’ program for military veterans

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It Takes A Village Animal Rescue and Resources is proud to announce the launch of its new program, “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions,” designed to provide crucial emotional support and unwavering companionship to service members transitioning to civilian life.

“The men and women who serve our country often bear unseen emotional scars from their experiences,” says Meagan Koehler, President and Founder of It Takes A Village. “We have a special place in our hearts for those that serve. My husband and our Vice President and co-founder, Casey Koehler, has spent the last 17 years serving in the US Navy.”

At It Takes A Village, we recognize the healing power of the human-animal bond and believe that pets can play a significant role in the recovery and transition process. “This program was created with a mission of healing at its core,” continues Meagan Koehler. “We know that research has shown that just petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol, while the social interaction between humans and their pets actually increases levels of oxytocin, ‘the feel-good hormone’.”

Key Program Details

The “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions” program aims to offer military veterans the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and support of a furry friend during their transition to civilian life. Features of the program include:

Waived Adoption Fees: Military veterans with a doctor’s recommendation for an emotional support animal can adopt a pet at no cost, thanks to the program’s supporters and donors.

Sustained Support: The program will be sustained through specifically allocated donations, fundraising events, and grants dedicated to supporting our nation’s heroes in their journey toward healing and recovery.

Hero’s Fund: Supporters who wish to contribute to this meaningful cause are encouraged to make a donation to our Hero’s Fund, specifying their support for the “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions” program in the donation note.

Generous Funding: The “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions” program has received a significant boost from the Martha Ann Lewis Living Trust, which has generously donated $10,000 to help launch this important initiative, ensuring that the program starts on a strong foundation of support.

At It Takes A Village, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation. “Freedom to Heal: Shelter Companions” embodies our dedication to supporting service members in their pursuit of happiness, peace, and companionship.

If you or someone you know is a veteran in need of the healing power of a furry friend, please contact us to learn more about our program and how to get involved.

For more information, please contact It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources by visiting their website at, or email

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