Farmer input critical to advancing ag technologies

Farmer input critical to advancing ag technologies

The president of an ag innovation company says new ag products and technology aren’t as successful without farmer input.

Kevin Heikes is with Intent, a company that helps advance ag technologies by connecting the businesses with farmers.  “Some of the innovations and the products that we’ve seen evolve are the ones that have adopted and really listened to those farmers,” he says.  “There are too many people talking about farmers and not enough listening to the farmer network.”

He says the number one thing he hears from farmers is that there are too many products to try.  Intent utilizes a network of about 1,000 farmers from the U.S., Canada, and South America who participate in FarmerTrials. 

Heikes tells Brownfield FarmerTrials participants test new products and technologies with the goal of advancing agriculture.  “It’s listening and understanding both product performance and we also talk about that customer journey throughout the entire year and understanding those perception pieces,” he says.  “What are the things that the farmer perceives in their current operation that leads them to adoption.”

He says the detailed insight that is given helps agribusinesses make any necessary changes before products hit the market.