Wednesday’s Top 3: A farmer, Tractors, Heritage

Wednesday’s Top 3: A farmer, Tractors, Heritage

Day 3 in Germany has come to its closed, and by far, was the busiest day.

Without further ado, let’s look at Wednesday’s Top 3.


I had the chance to interview a farmer that works in a partnership with CLAAS today.  While he spoke through a translator, we were able to discuss weather, his crops and the EU’s climate regulations.  While he’s relatively small about 100 acres, he raised 150 busher per acre wheat crop last year and that was average.  I was stunned compared to what we see in the US.  Many farms are small and custom farm with each other.  He told me the average German farm is about 600 acres.  He says climate change is real and it’s becoming harder to raise a good crop while managing EU climate regulations.  He said those regulations are supporting mid-sized farms and it’s hard for smaller operations to keep afloat.