Record number of calls for Muscatine Fire Service

[City of Muscatine]

It was another record setting year for the Muscatine Fire Department, but it is not one of those records you like to break at all. The Muscatine Fire Department responded to a record 5,909 calls for service in 2022, breaking the previous record of 5,709 calls that was answered in 2021. If you thought that the Muscatine Fire Department was busy in 2021, you were right. The Department responded to 5,238 calls for service in 2019.

The record call volume continues a steady upward trend in service calls with the number of calls climbing 47 percent over the last decade. The Department has seen the number of service calls top 5,000 annually in each of the last six years including 5,100 in 2017, 5,027 in 2018, 5,238 in 2019, 5,034 in 2020, and 5,709 in 2021.

Medical calls made up 86.2 percent of the service calls in 2022, down from 91 percent of service calls in 2021 and 92 percent in 2020. The Department responded to 817 fire incidents in 2022, a 37 percent increase over 2021 (521 fire responses).

Five of the 12 months in 2022 saw the Department respond to over 500 calls with December leading the way with 591 calls followed by November (537), July (523), June (519), and May (504. February had the highest fire responses at 79 with April next at 75, and December with 74. December had the highest number of medical calls at 373 with November second at 338.

MFD Fast Facts:

  • Every fire call category was up in 2022 including the most building fires in the last 10 years.
  • The top five fire responses in 2022 were structure fires (51), vehicle fires (15), vegetation fires (15), trash fires (11), and cooking fires (7).
  • Training continues to be a main ingredient for the life of a Muscatine firefighter with the department conducting 11,586 hours of training in 2022.

Click on the following link to download the 2022 Annual Report as a PDF.