Stay nimble to navigate supply chain issues

Stay nimble to navigate supply chain issues

The head of Syngenta Crop Protection Marketing says farmers and ag companies will have to be nimble as they navigate supply chain challenges in the upcoming growing season.

Jeff Cecil says like many other ag companies, Syngenta has struggled to get the products farmers need.

He says the company has had to make adjustments to increase its production capacity, “By adding more people, adding more areas that we’re operating in and being able to deliver through our supply chain has been a great success in ’21, ’22, and hopefully in ’23 again.”

He tells Brownfield farmers need to put a plan in place and communicate it with their retailer, but “that becomes more difficult as the commodity prices shift, and the acreage shifts may occur, but certainly, if you don’t plan, you won’t get it.”

Brownfield’s Meghan Grebner spoke with Cecil in New Orleans at the 2022 Syngenta Media Summit.