Minnesota foodbank CEO calls this “hungriest summer in recent memory”


Minnesota foodbank CEO calls this “hungriest summer in recent memory”

The CEO of one of the largest foodbanks in the country calls this the hungriest summer in recent memory.

Allison O’Toole is with Twin Cities-based Second Harvest Heartland.

“And I can’t even believe I say that sometimes because we’ve been through a global pandemic, and we are seeing numbers (and) need that is rivaling that of 2020. And we’re seeing a lot of pressure on families.”

She tells Brownfield inflation is the biggest culprit.

“Consumer prices are skyrocketing, gas prices are skyrocketing, (but) wages aren’t keeping up with that inflation. And a tight supply chain is making things difficult. That impacts foodbanks too.”

O’Toole says Second Harvest Heartland is hosting farm bill listening sessions this month in all eight congressional districts across Minnesota so stakeholders impacted directly by nutrition programs can share their experiences and insights with federal lawmakers.

Brownfield interviewed O’Toole at Minnesota Farmfest near Redwood Falls earlier this week.