Extension educator down on fall urea in Minnesota


Extension educator down on fall urea in Minnesota

There are questions about urea as farmers make plans for fall fertilizer.

Brad Carlson is an extension educator specializing in nutrient management for the University of Minnesota.

“But the product that we’ve really been down on because of both loss, and therefore simply not having it for the crop next year but also from an environmental standpoint, is fall urea.”

He tells Brownfield some retailers have acquired urea at a high price and would like to move the product before prices soften.

“Be very wary of somebody trying to sell you fall urea because that’s really not a recommended practice really in all of Minnesota. It’s not a good investment of your fertilizer dollar, and we also have some real concerns about environmental loss if we do that.”

He says fertilizer availability has not been a major issue this year, but prices continue to be.

Brownfield interviewed Carlson at Minnesota Farmfest Tuesday.