Farmers National Company digitizing farm management


Farmers National Company digitizing farm management

Farmers National Company has partnered with Climate FieldView to help enhance decision making and collaboration between landowners and tenants.

Grant Fitzgerald, vice president of farm operations with Farmers National Company, says they are working with Climate FieldView to offer increased digital management for their farm managers.

“Basically we get real-time data on those farms, starting with weather,” he said. “That’s really how Climate cut their teeth in the space. Rainfall events for the season or any date range we select.”

He tells Brownfield the platform offers an option for tenants to share data for leases more easily. “We have more investment on these farms than we ever have,” Fitzgerald said. “To be able to protect that with the tools such as this – knowing about hail, rain, or being able to see a soft spot in a field that needs attention – really just protects yourself.”

The collaboration launched in May.