ASA pushing for stronger crop insurance


ASA pushing for stronger crop insurance

An American Soybean Association board member says farmers need more secure safety nets in the next farm bill.

Russell Wolf tells Brownfield current crop insurance coverage is too low.

“Especially on the soybean side,” he said. “It’s like $7, $8 right now and that just dosen’t cover anything. So, we need to get that raised up.”

The Morgan County, Missouri farmer said an exact coverage dollar amount is tough to pin down because of inconsistent input prices, but…

“You’re thinking one bad year [and] you could lose your farm,” he said. “And if the crop insurance isn’t there to help keep you afloat for those years, then there will be a lot of farmers that just can’t make it.”

Wolf said he and other ASA leaders have been on Capitol Hill this summer voicing crop insurance and other farming needs to Congressional leaders.

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