Northwest Iowa farmer grateful for consistent rains


Northwest Iowa farmer grateful for consistent rains

Despite farming in one of the driest parts of the state, rain hasn’t been an issue for one Iowa farmer.

Kelly Nieuwenhuis grows corn and soybeans in Northwestern Iowa and tells Brownfield the drought monitor shows his farm should be abnormally dry. However, he says, “A lot of it’s received 8 inches or more in the last month, and our southern farms are more like the inch and a half to 2 inches in that same time frame.”

Nieuwenhuis says the rains have been surprising as neighboring counties haven’t been as lucky. “We have actually had tile running for quite a bit of the year,” he said. “With those rains, I feel pretty good, especially on our soil types for the most part.”

He says they’ve had minor crop stress on the southern side of his farm.